Welcome to the Allazar Universe!

One Universe, Many Worlds...

Ether Moon (LitRPG)

Why risk the living when you can kill the dead again?

In Allazar, the dead are the entertainment. From gladiatorial matches, squad based capture the flag or following a single character through adventures the end game.

They can watch and some can even control...

Cryto LaCoure (Monster Hunters)

The LaCoure girls (Mama Ray, Fish, and Anastasia) are the Crypto Crew, big game monster hunters that can track down anything ... for a price.

The Story Mother (memoir + fiction)

The story about how a piece of fiction is created is as interesting as the story itself. This imprint opens the door to my mind and my process while I chase down anything that runs through it.

The Coursers (Action Fantasy)

All Dusquesne "Duke" Cole wanted was to get paid. What she got was a fetch quest from a ghost and a job with The Coursers, a team built to ghost hell-bent on escaping the afterlife.

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