[excerpt] Berserker, an Allazar: Ether Moon LitRPG novel

Hello all… I’m working on a LitRPG novel and I wanted to give you a taste… enjoy! “DEX (DVN) -” Micah started, but the outburst from the Children cut her off “is us!” The four-year-old the nine-year-old and the 11-year-old ran up and circled Nieve. “Our trial will measure your dexterity, your ability to move […]

[building allazar] getting my head right…

I am building a life of a writer. ┬áIt that takes grit, determination, dedication, and a life that is less cluttered than mine is right now, at least mentally and emotionally. I have made great strides in clearing my life of the triggers that set off fear bombs and anxiety in my life, but that […]