[writer’s spa] building the writing life through #ketolife

I weigh 242 pounds.

Yep. That is the weight that you saw me in the Self Publishing Roundtable. That’s a size 18 on my 5’9 frame. It looks good, still curvy and with breasts in the high/multiple consonant range. I feel like a round goddess.

But this goddess also feels that tightness I feel in my legs after about 3000 words or hours of dictating. Diabetes, and that issue with my kidneys that knocked me out for months. The foggy mind from overeating loads of sugar.

Living and creating feeling this way is not going to work for me. I needed to develop a way to feel better, live better and work better.

I need to be healthy enough to write and publish every idea in my head. That means keeping my diabetes in check, improve my strength and my range of motion. A fit, strong, and flexible body is getting more and more of a priority I get closer to 50.

I need to solvent enough to have the capital for The CKH Group, my developing media company, which means cooking at home instead of spending hundreds of dollars eating out. I have always loved cooking, and the challenge of cooking for one – Bill likes, make that loooves, his frozen pizzas and Hot Pockets- is exciting.

I need to find a way to have a clear head. To be able to think, pull words together until they build another portion of the Allazar Universe.

And that is why I decided to live the Keto Life and eat high fat, low protein, and low carb. It keeps sugars to a minimum (keeping the diabetes in check), keeps my brain running on ketones (which it wants to use anyway) and my weight will even out a bit (I don’t want to be my high school size (8) or even my post baby size (10). The goal is a size 12, the size needed to fit in a pair of 32|34 Levi’s (I will talk about that Sunday).

What does that look like? Well in early days, it simply looks like being used to being in ketosis – cutting enough sugar that my body burns fat, producing those sweet, sweet ketones my brain loves so much.

I am publishing what I am eating on Instagram and post recipes here on Sunday as part of the Writer’s Spa Cook-Up.

See you then!


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