[excerpt] Errand Girl for the Dead part 2

The second excerpt from Errand Girl for the Dead [Click here to just purchase the whole book]   My head had become a little woozy while I was working, so I turned off the Sight to let it pass. I’d used a ton of power to get that engine’s parts moving again, and I needed […]

[writing life] Sophomore Level UP, now with new covers!

When I released Daughter of the Flood last year, I commissioned a set of covers that I love absolutely and profoundly. They’re based on the art of Saul Bass, who did the art of Otto Preminger’s “Man with the Golden Arm” & “Anatomy of a Murder.”, shown below. I loved the movies, and the posters lit my heart ablaze during a time where I was studying art to escape the maddeningly sheltered world I was trapped in