[look book] Dr. Amani Phallo

Being the daughter of a seamstress, I love fleshing out and dressing my characters. It’s the closest thing I have to playing with dolls. This week, I sharing the simplest of my characters to dress, Dr. Amani “Manny” Phallo, The Director of the Center of Sanguine and Sentient Flora and Fauna Studies, AKA The Nursery. […]

[writing life] The Plan for 2016 vs Reality

Hello All, Chrishaun here! I spent the last few weeks in December reading the goals that several writers posted for 2016. I posted mine a while ago on FaceBook and I’ll open with that: I’ll publish Season One of Tales of Allazar every two months starting on Feb 17th (everything’s ready except for the final […]

[building allazar] getting my head right…

I am building a life of a writer.  It that takes grit, determination, dedication, and a life that is less cluttered than mine is right now, at least mentally and emotionally. I have made great strides in clearing my life of the triggers that set off fear bombs and anxiety in my life, but that […]

[raw excerpt] Revival

In the land of Tilleran, it is assumed that when people die that they will stay dead. In the land of Deveron, however, their views on death, like everything else, are less strict than in the rest of the world. Things get a bit more complicated when a body decides to hold his Deveron beliefs […]

[raw excerpt] Art

If you were to ask the wall about itself, if it was inclined to answer, it begin with the basics; starting with it’s dimensions.  It will draw arrows across it’s height and width- just outside the script that is already on the wall-  and place the numbers in the middle of the arrows; 15 for […]