[Writer Life] the last stretch

Hello Citizens…

There’s so much going on this week and I wanted to take a few minutes to let y’all know what’s going on in Allazar and in the Hinterlands (this place we call home in the Texas Hill Country).

The Forgotten Woman Series
I’m about 9000 words out from finishing the raw manuscript for Book 1. This has been a trial and an achievement, considering that the storyline was a tribble that gave birth to so many stories and plot lines that I had the vapors catching up and containing all of them. But I was able to distill all the ideas down to a single storyline that I want to finish and send to Lisa Tomecek-Bias, Warlord and Able Editor. Once Lisa has her hands on it, she will rend it asunder and send it’s still-warm carcass back to me to bring back to life. She’s really good like that.

The next step is revising the short that inspired the series, a little ditty called ‘Griefeater’, and outline and write the beats for the next book in the series, ‘All We Have are Shadows’. I think that this one will go faster because I have a clear storyline and not shooing tribbles off my screen. I have a better system for writing my beats so the I so I can finish a novel (about 55-65,000 words) ready for Lisa in about 5 weeks.

That means I can have as many as 3 more books done by the time The Forgotten Woman is released, even though it’ll probably be 2 and finishing a third. That’s exciting.

For those that follow me on Google+, be on the lookout for another add from me as I combine all the folks from my other G+ accounts to a single Allazar account.

Meanwhile in the Hinterlands…
There’s soooo much happening on the home front. My youngest daughter (the one that graduated) is leaving the nest and going to Virginia to live with her sister and go to school. I will be without children for the first time 24 years. I’m going to miss her and missing her makes me miss my oldest as well and I’m kind of a mess right now… just a little bit.

I am leaving the church home that I love (but almost an hour away) and going to a church that’s closer to home. This rips my heart because I am going to miss them, but I feel a need to serve those I see at the grocery store…

I’m also thinking about starting a brief (15 minute or less) vlog/walking podcast to keep you guys up to date and introduce you to Allazar.

Thanks for your support and well wishes and I will talk to you all soon.

Until then, May you remain evergreen!!

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