[raw excerpt] Art

If you were to ask the wall about itself, if it was inclined to answer, it begin with the basics; starting with it’s dimensions.  It will draw arrows across it’s height and width- just outside the script that is already on the wall-  and place the numbers in the middle of the arrows; 15 for the vertical and 26 for the horizontal.

It will even draw you a picture of Vandersnoot and Duarte Lee, smiling at one another, as they often did. And it will draw Duarte now the widower’ s face still, serious, and solemn, as he often looked now that he did not have Vandersnoot, or Vander, to look and smile at.

It will draw a picture of the house and where it is in relation to rest of the house- An interior wall in what used to be a esst wall  of the dining hall (it will even how how the tables were situated so this wall was the focus. It will draw a picture of the house and and show where the private island of Eulalie is in relation to the coast of Etherian and to the other islands of the area, including the Nursery, which while is not uncommon knowledge, it is not commonly acknowledged. It will show where the rooms are, the Master in the back with a large bath suite, the patio they had the morning meal when the weather was agreeable and the enclosure when it was not. Where they had morning meal, the nurseries for their children Blayne and Grant and the rooms they eventually would claim as their own.

The wall would  inclined to tell you many things, surprisingly, but when asked about the owner of the blood used to produce a replica of Vander’s will on the wall, complete with Deveron and Etherian seals or about the owner of the fingers that stuck out of the bottom left of the wall (if you were facing it), the wall would fall conspicuously silent.

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