[raw excerpt] The Map Room

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I wanted to share a bit of raw writing with you this week!  In this scene, the 8 year old Micah has spent the night in the Etherian Tower War Room and Dr. Rian Talbot has just found her. Instead of scolding her, he decides to give her a tour. They have reached the map table.

“Do you know where we are on the map?”


Micah perked up and a fast nod. She had been looking at the map table all night. She stepped up on the platform and  Dr. Rian lifted her up and set her on the top of the table.

“Can you activate it?” He waved over to the map with string of white majiera and a tree grew from the ground. A living map.

She took a deep breath and let the majiera of the table fill her until her eyes were green and there was a green aura around her hands. She then sat on her heels and place her hands on the table, tasting the limes and the loam as the mountains, plains and rivers and oceans of Allazar formed on the table. The bell of the Tower rang  and the tiniest flock of birds go by squawking before she her eyes went back to brown. Once the planet was fully formed, she stopped the majiera flow.


“Your majiera is even more powerful than your parents said.” Dr. Rian nodding in approval. He walked around the table and inspected the fully animated reproduction of their planet. He settled on the forests of the south.  The trees swayed to a wind that went on to fill the sails of a freight ship headed towards the Port City of Alaria, the Deveron Capital.


Rian placed his finger a few inches away and made a swishing motion, and a series of waves pushed thru way to the boat. Micah went on all fours and leaned in to watch, careful not to touch the map herself.  The little women and men on the ship made preparations to brace against the sudden waves that crashed against the ship. They were able to turn into the first and ride it over only to be smashed by the larger one. The ship leaned far to one side so far that Micah thought it was going to capsize. She reached in to right it and Dr Rian stayed her hand.


“If you touch anything that they are directly on without preparation, they will see you. Imagine the panic a huge brown finger will incite.” Micah looked up horrified. Rian smiled slightly and pointed to ship “Blow lightly on the sail.”


Micah tilted her head so her lips were inches away.


“Very lightly, Matrice” Rian said. Micah let out a puff of air like one would blow a kiss. The force filled the sails with air and propelled the ship forward. It went on for a few more inches, then turn to get back on course.


“Someone with your power does not have to use much of it to make great changes, Matrice”


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