[writer’s spa] building the writing life through #ketolife

I weigh 242 pounds. Yep. That is the weight that you saw me in the Self Publishing Roundtable. That’s a size 18 on my 5’9 frame. It looks good, still curvy and with breasts in the high/multiple consonant range. I feel like a round goddess. But this goddess also feels that tightness I feel in […]

[writing life] Sophomore Level UP, now with new covers!

When I released Daughter of the Flood last year, I commissioned a set of covers that I love absolutely and profoundly. They’re based on the art of Saul Bass, who did the art of Otto Preminger’s “Man with the Golden Arm” & “Anatomy of a Murder.”, shown below. I loved the movies, and the posters lit my heart ablaze during a time where I was studying art to escape the maddeningly sheltered world I was trapped in

[excerpt] Berserker, an Allazar: Ether Moon LitRPG novel

Hello all… I’m working on a LitRPG novel and I wanted to give you a taste… enjoy! “DEX (DVN) -” Micah started, but the outburst from the Children cut her off “is us!” The four-year-old the nine-year-old and the 11-year-old ran up and circled Nieve. “Our trial will measure your dexterity, your ability to move […]

[excerpt] Basilisk

“Sanguine filth, showing off like that” Andrea flipped Micah off. Micah blew kisses back, lifted her legs so she was hovering on her stomach and lowered down until she was face to face with Andrea. “Don’t hate me because I’m powerful” and she stuck out her tongue. “We’re there,” Phe said, “What are we looking […]

[preorder] Black, Gold, & Sage and Daughters of the Flood available now!

Tales of Allazar: Black, Gold, and Sage, is the story of the assassins with a changed hearts, fighting for what matters most. Black – the Black Forest, a forbidding land where every plant and animal can kill – the place that stands between a cruel life and freedom. Gold – the House of Praina, the […]