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Black, Gold, & Sage
Black, Gold, & Sage

Tales of Allazar: Black, Gold, and Sage, is the story of the assassins with a changed hearts, fighting for what matters most.

Black – the Black Forest, a forbidding land where every plant and animal can kill – the place that stands between a cruel life and freedom.

Gold – the House of Praina, the former home of the Josi, Fenta, and Monty Toren – full magic humans raised to be assassins, a fate no child should face.

Sage – Sage Allecoure, the Toren’s only hope to navigate through the dangers of the Forest and the Hunters on their heels to safety. Will she be up to the task?


Daughters of the Flood
Daughters of the Flood






The Coursers – The dead do not want to stay dead in Allazar. To make sure that this condition isn’t permanent, they infuse their magiera into an object that will lead them out of the Ether and back into the world of the living.

Daughter of the Flood – I stumbled into the world of the Coursers when Carmo Tobin hired me to go out in a raging storm to ste- I mean “retrieve”- a family dagger from her home and found her mother Cameron floating facedown in her basement.

A few fights with spitting lizards, an encounter with a ghost and tying up Trent followed… how do I get out of this?

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