[raw excerpt] Revival

In the land of Tilleran, it is assumed that when people die that they will stay dead. In the land of Deveron, however, their views on death, like everything else, are less strict than in the rest of the world.

Things get a bit more complicated when a body decides to hold his Deveron beliefs in the morgue in Tilleran. The Tilleran cornier was not at all used to a body sitting up after an autopsy. She was recording her findings and final determination – death by strangulation. Her assistant was taking the organs and marking them and getting them ready for distillation. They were make a really good medium grade milum stone once it was done and could even be graded as good if it holds more majiera.

The assistant sealed the bag with the liver in it and placed it in the red transfer bin marked “for distillation”  with a shutter – actual organs still gave her the willies. She went to cabinet and pulled out the rubber gloves that went to the shoulder. She threw one over her shoulder and rolled the other all the way down to the wrist, placed her hand in pulled it up and repeated for the other one. She shoved her hands in the warm carcus and pulled a few feet of intestines, grabbed the end in her hand, and wrapped it under her elbows and cinching it with her hand and wrapping again and again until she could feel the pull of the end on the line. She lowered her wrist to let the loops drop back down on the body and reached over to get a tie. She wrapped the tie around the top of the loops, fastened and tightened it and reached back over to get the scalpel for removal. She reached in again, cut the end and, placing the scalpel down on the tray as she went, carried the intestines to the incinerator, dropped them in and returned to the table to find the man on the table sitting up and gazing at the flaps that went the length of his torso. He looked up at the assistant. She met his eye then lifted her gaze to the coroner, how was creeping up to the man with a metal pan over her head, poised to strike.

The man swung his legs off the edge of the table, jumped down off the table and ran out of the door, past the coroner and into the hallway behind her.

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