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[writer's spa] my keto life: Cauliflower Chicken Casserole

I love a good casserole on my Sunday Cookups, and this one is not only keto, but veggies rich as well… Enjoy! Print Cauliflower Chicken Casserole Cauliflower, cheese, herbed sour cream, and bacon all wrapped up in a single meal! Easy to make, fridges and freezes well, and you can eat it alone or as […]

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[30n30] The 30n30 rules - and how I will break them!

We are going to write a short story – from outline to finish – every day for 30 days in July. Yes, we know that it has 31 days, but all that means that you get a free day (yayyyy!)

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[writer's spa] my keto life Herbed Sour Cream

One of my standbys in the #ketolife is my Herbed Sour Cream. It was an accident trying to make ranch dressing, and I love it.

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[writer’s spa] building the writing life through #ketolife

I weigh 242 pounds. Yep. That is the weight that you saw me in the Self Publishing Roundtable. That’s a size 18 on my 5’9 frame. It looks good, still curvy and with breasts in the high/multiple consonant range. I feel like a round goddess. But this goddess also feels that tightness I feel in […]

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[writing life] Sophomore Level UP, now with new covers!

When I released Daughter of the Flood last year, I commissioned a set of covers that I love absolutely and profoundly. They’re based on the art of Saul Bass, who did the art of Otto Preminger’s “Man with the Golden Arm” & “Anatomy of a Murder.”, shown below. I loved the movies, and the posters lit my heart ablaze during a time where I was studying art to escape the maddeningly sheltered world I was trapped in

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