[excerpt] The Dark Spire

I walked up to Dr. Leigh. She has her hands behind her back and looking straight through some student that is giving her a 3D illusion demo of a oroboros about 16th scale. The creature began attached to it’s own tail, unfurls to full length and rolled over on it’s back stomach exposed. Dr. Leigh nodded and the student moved both of her hands around the sides of the creature and stopped at the bottom with the tips of her pinkies and ring fingers touching. The girl kept looking moving her eyes between Dr. Leigh and the creature’s belly as a lines showed up on the top, bottom, and left side of the belly and when the lines met the skin started to lift. She kept her eyes on Dr. Leigh more than the creature and  it disappeared.

The girl’s thoughts are not still. She is worried about impressing their little marionette  the voice… not the voice, the knowledge, was as clear in my head as my own thoughts. The knowledge likes to refer to her, Micah Leigh,  as the marionette, a puppet that moves when and where D’Mai Tillerian tells her to.

“You’re worried too much about what I think, “ Dr. Leigh said to the girl. The girl looked down “I really need this grade and I have been working on this all week… I was able to do it, but then…”

“But now you’re in front of us and you’re losing your nerve.” Dr. Leigh smiled and grasped the girls hand. “Don’t worry about us. Close your eyes and do it again. See it in your mind and allow the majiera flow from the Ether through your body and out your fingertips and show us the birth sack of a ororboros, would you?”

“The marionette would have the ether used as a power to fuel slight of hand? Maybe they should have a taste of what the ether truly is…”

The girl closed her eyes and held her hands palms down with the tips of her thumbs and index fingers touching. She took a deep breath and beared down on her hands. The blue majiera flowed down like a heavy vapor about 6 inches down from her hands and formed a tube. She took another deep breath, beared down again and the tube took the shape of a serpent with a head on each end.

I closed my eyes as well. The knowledge opened a way to the Ether for me and I felt my energy form walk through. In the Ether, all is in shades of black white and grey and cold. Except for the sanguine. The sanguine flows in red and orange waves. The strongest here is Micah. It hovers and licks around her for about a foot.

Do not fear the marionette. She knows the feel of beings moving through the ether. Take care not go near her aura. She will know you and remember you. You must not be detected lest you receive the same strings that she has. The strings that will limit your power as it has limited hers. 

My being floats away from Dr. Leigh and find a pocket of sanguine majiera. I flow through it and I can feel it warm the blood of my body. I can feel the power. It is sweet and gentle power, but it with it I can do anything.  I turn to look back at my body and I can see the red as it goes through my veins and around of the shape of my body in a razor thin line.

The sanguine pulls towards itself move away!

I reach out to my body and it takes almost everything I have to  move my body another six inches over to the right. In the world, it looks as if I am moving over to encourage the girl. Dr. Leigh’s eyes stay on her.

You must not touch her aura! She will see you! She must not see you! 

I flick my fingers and touch of sanguine in a tiny dot fly through the ether and to the snake in front of the girl.  “You promised the I could keep the sanguine this time”

I did indeed and you may… you will need to to use and wield it as you would the you innate power, as if it is your innate power. But do not fear, you will be able to show you true power when you are fully trained. 

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