[bestiary] Meet the Ouroboros

orobo_mod_2 (1)

Name:  The Ouroboros

Length: 8 feet

Girth: 15 inch around, thicker at the head.

Animals in Allazar, in opposed to humans, often use two different types of majiera. The Ouroboros is this type of animal, with the ability to use both Agnon (fire) and Etherian (light) majiera, one per head.  This particular one, Ebilani, was found by Lucas Rysdin when he was a whelp in the Etherian city of The Conclave and has been his constant companion for over 30 years. Considered a single entity, even with two heads, she does not have the ability to speak, and each head reflects a certain aspect of her mood rather than a different personality.

She looks sweet and innocent… but always be careful. As the moral goes “you knew she was a serpent when you saw her….”


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