1,000,000 | 10

One million words, written for fun and profit in 10 years.

That was the intention that when I reached 40, and both are my girls went on to build their  lives. It was going to be a way to fill my time, a way to work my brain and release all the stories locked in there for years.

It was going to be the way that I would rebuild after all the stories, modules, books, notes, files, illustrations, and code that was lost when it was destroyed 10 years ago.

So I researched, I outlined, I planned, I joined a self-publishing community in my city and to others worldwide.

The more I worked, the more I realized that this is not a way to fill time, this was not a hobby. This isn’t even a purely artistic endeavor.

This is the art of using business to connect others…using the medium of my craft. ┬áMy words.

I will be building a platform, and on it I will share with you Allazar- how they live and why, who they are and why, and the things in the real world that inspire this one.

And I will like you to join me. Join as a readers, writers, rubberneckers, fans and critics all.

Welcome to Allazar!





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