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I’m finding that working on a book as an authorprenuer is about things you surround the words with as the words themselves. You would be surprised (or maybe not so much if you look through the pages of Amazon ) how easily you can identify the majority of the indie published book by their covers, the fonts that are used and how, well … alike everything looks.


I wanted Allazar to have a unique look, and one that complements what’s in the book, and one that folks will want to live and add to. One crucial part of this is the logo and branding.


This is where Tracy McCusker ( comes in… She has been working on the logo and will be doing the book covers and all image assets for Allazar. This is a work in progress and the further in the process I go with her, the more she pushes me to define and refine what Allazar is, why things are the way they are. As soon as I think I have the facts down, I’m asked a question that gives me pause and makes me think about this universe.


Then I go back to writing….