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[writing life] The Plan for 2016 vs Reality

Hello All, Chrishaun here! I spent the last few weeks in December reading the goals that several writers posted for 2016. I posted mine a while ago on FaceBook and I’ll open with that: I’ll publish Season One of Tales of Allazar every two months starting on Feb 17th (everything’s ready except for the final […]

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[writing life] Procrastination by way of work

I have learned a bit about finishing…

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[Writer Life] the last stretch

going the distance… and a few updates!

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[raw excerpt] The Map Room

a bit a raw writing from “The Forgotten Woman”

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The release changed... and has stayed the same!

Big News on the new Release Date!

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[bestiary] Meet the Ouroboros

meet another monster..the ouroboros….

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